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Learn How to Spot Fake LinkedIn Sales Bots

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LinkedIn has become an invaluable platform for professionals. People use it to connect, network, and explore business opportunities. But with its growing popularity have come some red flags. There has been an increase in the presence of fake LinkedIn sales bots. These bots impersonate real users and attempt to scam unsuspecting individuals. This is one […]

Hackers want to hack your people, not your systems.

In today’s digital landscape, the human factor is often the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. Social engineering and phishing attacks target not your systems, but your people, tricking them into revealing sensitive information or performing actions that compromise security. Training your team to recognize and avoid these threats is not just a good idea—it’s […]

Surviving a Disaster – IT Edition

The reality is that disasters can happen at any time (we once saw the fire sprinklers go off above a server rack.) Without the right plan in place, the impact on your business can be devastating. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the key factors that go into a successful […]

Surviving a Ransomware Attack

At Adaptive, we know firsthand the devastating impact of ransomware attacks. Over the years, we’ve seen businesses of all sizes suffer from data loss, revenue disruption, and reputational damage due to ransomware. Unfortunately, no business is immune to the threat of ransomware, and medium-sized businesses are often the most vulnerable. We’ve put together this guide […]

LastPass Breach? What you need to know…

What you need to know about the LastPass breach. In August 2022, the password management company LastPass suffered a data breach in which attackers accessed a development server and obtained private source code and “proprietary technical information.” LastPass reassured customers that no user data was accessed in the initial attack. However, in November 2022, it […]

Pen Testing. Why You Should Add it to Your TODOs.

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere, and no business is immune. But for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), these threats can be especially damaging. Not only are SMBs more vulnerable to cyber attacks, but they may also have fewer resources to deal with the aftermath. That’s why it’s important that they take proactive steps to protect […]

Why Cyber Insurance Premiums Are So High

Cyber insurance is changing fast, and the market has never been more competitive. While most organizations are covered by some form of cyber coverage already (and finding it to be adequate), many find themselves faced with an increasing bar for renewal as capacity shrinks – which leads them towards higher premiums over time.  The applications […]

Just Stop Using Passwords

Just Stop Using Passwords

The Wild West Age of Passwords We will admit that it is a bit of a clickbait title. Since the beginning of the Internet and mass usage of online services, people have been using passwords to gain access to various services. Whether it is logging into your local computer, checking your Facebook feed, or accessing […]

What Does The Future of Hybrid Work Look Like?

Remote work has been on the rise in recent years, due in no small part to a worldwide Pandemic. We’d argue that these changes were coming anyway, but were greatly accelerated by Covid. With advances in technology, there’s no need to be in the same physical location as your co-workers or boss. As long as […]

BCDR and You, Your Guide to Business Continuity


This one might be a bit dry, but hopefully it helps you understand modern day Business Continuity Plans…. In the past, when we talked about a Business Continuity (BCDR) Plan, we were really worried about data loss from server failures.  Today, it’s far more likely that Malware, Ransomware, or User Error will lead to your […]