Why Cyber Insurance Premiums Are So High

Cyber insurance is changing fast, and the market has never been more competitive. While most organizations are covered by some form of cyber coverage already (and finding it to be adequate), many find themselves faced with an increasing bar for renewal as capacity shrinks – which leads them towards higher premiums over time.  The applications […]

Just Stop Using Passwords

Just Stop Using Passwords

The Wild West Age of Passwords We will admit that it is a bit of a clickbait title. Since the beginning of the Internet and mass usage of online services, people have been using passwords to gain access to various services. Whether it is logging into your local computer, checking your Facebook feed, or accessing […]

What Does The Future of Hybrid Work Look Like?

Remote work has been on the rise in recent years, due in no small part to a worldwide Pandemic. We’d argue that these changes were coming anyway, but were greatly accelerated by Covid. With advances in technology, there’s no need to be in the same physical location as your co-workers or boss. As long as […]

BCDR and You, Your Guide to Business Continuity


This one might be a bit dry, but hopefully it helps you understand modern day Business Continuity Plans…. In the past, when we talked about a Business Continuity (BCDR) Plan, we were really worried about data loss from server failures.  Today, it’s far more likely that Malware, Ransomware, or User Error will lead to your […]

What is 2FA and Why Do I Care?

Cast your memory back to the just before the 2016 US election. Remember John Podesta? He was the campaign organizer for Hillary Clinton who fell for a sophisticated phishing email and inadvertently gave his credentials to nefarious actors. On March 19, 2015 John got an email that looked like it was from Google which “notified” […]