Let’s talk about Service…

Managing a client base of over 100 organizations, with almost 3500 systems is no small feat.  Like any MSP, we use tools to achieve that goal, but every carpenter has tools, and not every carpenter produces the same result.

The differentiator is the MSP space is Service. 

To us, service breaks down to 4 main things:  Communication, Attention, Prevention and Results.


Adaptive’s first selling point, way back in the day, was “We’re not your Geek Squad.  We speak in plain language, so you’ll understand what you’re getting.”  While that was true, it didn’t encompass all that’s required of communication.  Our clients want not only easy to understand language, but also prompt, courteous and empathetic discourse.  If you’re talking to one of our technicians, you’re probably already somewhat frustrated by a problem, and our job is not only to fix it, but to understand where you’re at.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into finding the right people and training them in the Adaptive way to communicate.


Great communication doesn’t do much if you’re not resolving issues quickly and effectively.  Here’s the bare minimum of the service tree.  You must have the right people, with the right expertise, in the right system, to make sure that you’re handling all issues that come your way.


MSPs like us use tools to keep your systems secure, up-to-date and in good health.  Most MSPs use very similar tools, but as said, not every carpenter is a master.  The way we’ve set up our systems ensure our clients are getting Backup, Patching, Antivirus, Email Filtering, and Health Monitoring all by our Proactive team.


Bringing all the above together with quality effective work gives us results.  Results are what the clients feel as value.  We’re constantly looking at our client satisfaction surveys and thinking about how to put all the pieces in place to deliver that value.  While never satisfied ourselves, the majority of our clients have been with us for years, and tell us we’re on the right track.

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