Pen Testing. Why You Should Add it to Your TODOs.

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere, and no business is immune. But for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), these threats can be especially damaging. Not only are SMBs more vulnerable to cyber attacks, but they may also have fewer resources to deal with the aftermath. That’s why it’s important that they take proactive steps to protect their data. One of those steps is penetration testing—let’s explore why.

Penetration testing is a simulated cyber attack in which ethical hackers attempt to gain access to a company’s systems and data. It’s one of the most effective ways of evaluating an organization’s security posture. During a penetration test, professional testers will identify vulnerabilities—such as weak passwords or unpatched software—and exploit them in order to gain access to sensitive information or cause disruption. By using these tactics, testers can discover exactly how secure a company really is and what gaps need to be filled in order to better protect its systems and data.

The main benefit of penetration testing is that it allows companies to test their defenses before an attack occurs. While other forms of security testing focus on identifying vulnerabilities once they have been exploited, penetration testing lets businesses find weaknesses before they become major issues. This enables companies to take corrective action quickly and efficiently, minimizing the damage from potential attacks and reducing recovery time significantly. Additionally, it helps organizations identify potential areas for improvement when it comes to their security posture overall.

As cybersecurity threats become more and more advanced, cyber insurance providers understand the need to protect their customers from potential hacks. Because of this, many are now requiring companies to provide results from a penetration testing when they apply for an insurance plan. Cyber insurance providers have taken note of this cybersecurity best practice and now often require applicants have appropriate cyber protection as part of the application process.

Pen testing is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to improve its cybersecurity posture—especially small-to-medium sized businesses who may not have the same level of resources as larger enterprises do when dealing with cyber threats. It enables businesses to identify weaknesses before they become major issues and take corrective action quickly; plus, it helps insurerors know that your company is on top of cybersecurity. Ultimately, investing in regular penetration tests is essential for any business looking to safeguard itself against today’s ever-evolving digital landscape—especially SMBs who don’t have the luxury of utilizing expensive enterprise solutions like their bigger counterparts do!

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