The Black Box of IT

I can relate to clients that are baffled by the decisions they get asked to make regarding their IT Systems. I once went to the dentist and was told, “You have a potential cavity. We should really do something about that.”

To which I replied, “Don’t I have like 28 potential cavities, or one for each tooth?”

When an expert recommends something, we have to base our decisions on trust, rather than knowledge, and that’s not an entirely comfortable place to be.

IT Services and Infrastructure are much the same for many people. They’re this Black Box that you feel like you’re continually throwing money into, without knowing whether it’s money well spent. It’s the same feeling I get when I take my car to a mechanic.

Trust is earned. Each time something gets explained to you in language you can understand, you feel a bit better about your decision. Each time your service provider puts your organization’s needs above their own, it’s a sigh of relief.

If you’re not sure whether you’re getting good advice, then your provider has failed you, and it may be time to have a conversation with us. You’ll find we go to great pains to put your needs first, and explain your options in terms you can understand.

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